Recommended Curv-EV Trails

1. Stanley Park

Vancouver Convention Centre, 1055 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 3T4 >>> English Bay, Beach Ave, Vancouver, BC V6C 3C1. Exploring all of Stanley Park in a single afternoon can be quite a feat, given its vast expanse filled with historic sites, a range of dining options from upscale to casual, beautiful gardens, and sandy shores. You can embark on a ride along the 10-kilometre (6-mile) paved Stanley Park Seawall, which encircles the park and offers numerous breathtaking views. For a quicker pace, navigate the bike trails that weave through the park, allowing you to glide past the rose garden, the Vancouver Rowing Club, and Lost Lagoon. Once you get to the end here you have four options; stop there, ride the trail again, go on your own path, or smoothly connect to our next trail “Sunset Beach – False Creek – Kitsilano Beach!” As you can see the ending/starting points are the same!

2. Sunset Beach – False Creek – Kitsilano Beach

English Bay, Beach Ave, Vancouver, BC V6C 3C1 >>> Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver, BC V6J 5N2. Embark on a scenic journey along Vancouver’s seaside route, starting from Sunset Beach on English Bay. This lively spot is popular with rollerbladers, joggers, and families who enjoy its floating slide and full-time lifeguard services. As you pedal along, the path will take you around False Creek, offering views of several museums such as Science World and the Vancouver Maritime Museum.

For food enthusiasts, a detour to Granville Island is irresistible. Here, you can indulge in a variety of dining options, relax on waterfront patios, and explore the renowned Granville Island Public Market. Conclude your ride at Kitsilano Beach, a hub for outdoor activities with sandy shores and grassy fields perfect for recreational games. Don’t miss the chance to cool off at Kitsilano Pool, an outdoor saltwater pool boasting stunning views of the city and ocean.

3. Jericho Beach – UBC – Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Just keep going west from Kitsilano Beach (the previous trail) you will find Jericho Beach, a popular spot where windsurfers and sailboats glide gracefully on the waters of English Bay. Follow the bike path that meanders along the coast, passing by Spanish Banks, a lively area where you’ll often find soccer and volleyball games in full swing. Pause at a beach concession stand to savor a picnic on the sandy shores, or continue along the scenic route.

The path leads to the University of British Columbia (UBC), a vast campus known for its cultural and natural attractions. Make sure to visit the prestigious Museum of Anthropology, explore the serene UBC Botanical Garden, take an adventurous walk along the Greenheart TreeWalk, and reflect in the tranquil Nitobe Memorial Garden.

Conclude your excursion at Pacific Spirit Regional Park, where a network of unpaved bike trails winds through lush, forested landscapes, offering a peaceful retreat into nature.

4. Central Valley Greenway

Science World, Vancouver, BC V6A 3Z7 >>> 810 Quayside Dr, New Westminster, BC V3M 6B9. The 24-kilometre (15-mile) Central Valley Greenway links downtown Vancouver to Burnaby and New Westminster, offering cyclists a diverse journey through urban neighborhoods, historic shopping districts, and picturesque natural areas. Starting at Science World on False Creek, the route meanders through Commercial Drive, providing easy access to explore nearby neighborhoods and Trout Lake. As you continue through Burnaby, you’ll encounter the abundant wildlife at Burnaby Lake and pass by the Nature House, Equestrian Centre, and Rowing Pavilion. The path eventually leads to New Westminster, where you can take a break at one of the outdoor cafés or peruse fresh produce and locally-made goods at the River Market at New Westminster Quay.

5. 🔥SALE🔥 Guildford – Green Timbers – Tynehead – Guildford

Guildford, Surrey, BC V3R 0B6 >>> Guildford, Surrey, BC V3R 0B6. The cycling trail from Guildford to Tynehead Regional Park to Guildford is a 19-kilometer easy road ride that takes about 2 hours to complete. It offers a scenic route through the park, including the Green Timbers Urban Forest Park, which is ideal for cycling. The park is home to various wildlife, and cyclists can also explore the large dog park. It’s a pleasant and accessible trail for riders of all fitness levels. 🔥🔥THIS TRAIL IS 25% OFF RIGHT NOW! (Min. 2 people) 🔥🔥

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